Pain free measurement! Put your patient at ease with the Manu3. Measure your patient’s hand in only 30 milliseconds without having to touch fresh and open wounds.


Measuring the irregular shape of a hand has never been easier! Ensure accurate and repeatable measurements with the Manu3.


There’s no room for error when selecting custom silicone prosthetic gloves for your patients. Ensure precise and accurate measurements of the hand with the Manu3.

Hand Treatment Gloves

The Manu3 device is a touchless portable desktop optical laboratory instrument to measure
the anatomical dimensions of the hand and fingers in terms of lengths and circumferences.


Therapeutic hand gloves are crucial components in the successful treatment of burns and of lymphedema. Hand treatment gloves require precise measurements to be properly custom-fit to the patient. Additionally, silicone prosthetic gloves must also be measured accurately to be of benefit to the patient. The typical manual method of measuring the hand is time consuming, not precisely accurate, and not repeatable. As an alternative, the Manu3™ offers an image capture within seconds and it is touchless, painless, and portable.

The Manu3™ has been developed for specialized application in the treatment of hand burns and hand lymphedema, as well as in the selection and fabrication of high definition silicone prosthetic gloves. This portable device is an optical laboratory instrument that ensures accurate and repeatable measurements. Now you can make precise and accurate measurements of the hand and fingers in terms of both length and circumference.

Hand rehabilitation gloves for burn patients need to be custom-fitted. The Manu3™ measures your patient’s hand without touching fresh or open wounds, thus greatly reducing the risk of contamination or infection. The speed and accuracy of the process will go a long way to putting your patient at ease.
The Manu3™ simplifies the process of measuring the hand’s irregular shape, making the fabrication of hand therapy gloves for lymphedema management and treatment simple. It really never has been easier to keep error to a minimum.”

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