Prosthetic Gloves

Modernizing the Measurement Process – Prosthetics

The Manu3 is a laboratory measuring device used to capture the basic information required to determine a variety of anatomical dimensions and other conditions such as skin texture, colours of the hand (palmar and dorsal), fingers and nails.
The Manu3 scanner may be used to determine the anatomical dimensions of the hand (lengths and circumferences), to select and fabricate custom prosthetic gloves for amputees.

Prosthetic Gloves

In the selection/fabrication of high definition silicone prosthetic gloves for the hand the first obstacle is the capture of the anatomical dimensions of the hand. Typically clinicians may not have the required time needed to take accurate anatomical measurements and dimensions of the hand. These measurements, taken by hand with a measuring tape, are not accurate and of low repeatability.

The Manu3 produces accurate and repeatable measurements.

For any measurement to be accurate it must be able to be repeated on separate occasions, under similar conditions, by several different professionals. However, variables such as human error, external conditions, and inaccuracies in traditional measuring instruments make it difficult to obtain precise hand measurements.

The Manu3 Hand Measuring System

When implemented in your practice, the Manu3 will drastically cut down on the time needed to capture dimensions and reduce errors associated with manually measuring.

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The Manu3 offers you a dramatically different technology that will:




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Improve the quality of treatment for your patients!

With the Manu3 there is no need to touch the burn patient and the affected area. The patient simply lays their hand flat in our portable, touchless, optical scanner. The entire measurement process takes only 30 milliseconds to capture the anatomical data and the accuracy is measured against a known standard of 2mm. Take a look at our video.

Implementing the Manu3 in your practice eliminates the potential for measurement errors. The Manu3 offers customizable templates as per the requirements of different manufactures, which makes the fabrication and selection of prosthetic gloves effortless.

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