The Manu3 Hand Scanner

Instantly capture an image of the hand

The Manu3 is fast (30 milliseconds), touchless, accurate and portable. It is designed to measure the anatomical dimensions of the hand. The data produced is used to fabricate custom compression gloves to treat burn wounds and lymphedema .The data is also used to select and fabricate high definition silicone prosthetic gloves.

The Manu3 touchless scanner works by instantly capturing an image of the hand and generating measurements that would have previously been taken manually. It eliminates the need for tape measure and hand tracing. There is no need to touch burn patients, thus alleviating (a) risk of infection, (b) pain and distress to the patients.

Manu3 expedites the measuring process as it only takes 30 milliseconds to capture the anatomical data. It eliminates the potential for measurement error and offers unique features like customizable templates as per the requirements of different manufacturers of Compression Gloves.

Click on this short video to see the Manu3 HMS in action

Manu3 – Hardware and Software Included

The Manu3 Hand Measuring system includes both the hardware and software. There are no additional or hidden costs.

The hardware part of the Manu3 system is a touchless, portable, desktop optical laboratory scanner designed to light the hand and to simultaneously take 2 photos of the hand and the fingers from 2 different angles. This process is controlled by the M3C software.

The M3M software analyses the photos and calculates the lengths and circumferences required to fabricate compression gloves and prosthetic gloves. A report is produced with a color photo of the hand and the corresponding anatomical dimensions of the hand (fingers, thumb, palmar area and wrist) in terms of lengths and circumferences.

How to Use the Manu3 – 2 Step Process

Step 1

‘Image Capture’ using the embedded M3C software in the Manu3 scanner.

  • Turn on the Manu3 device and let it boot. It takes about 30 seconds to arrive at the home screen.
  • Enter the patient name using the soft keyboard for Image Capture.
  • Instruct the patient to insert his/ her hand into the Manu3 bed and press AC.
  • Image capture takes 30 milliseconds and the processing is complete in 2 seconds.
  • Insert USB memory stick into Manu3 USB port.
  • Press USB to transfer the image of the patient’s hand to the USB.
  • Safely remove the USB from Manu3.

Step 2

‘Measuring the Hand’ using M3M software installed on your PC.

  • Insert the USB key containing the image of the patient’s hand into the PC.
  • Launch the M3M application.
  • Using the ‘Load file’ button in the upper left corner of the screen, select the image on the USB key.
  • Automated measurement may be performed following a predefined template by manually dragging the mouse over each finger sequentially one after the other.
  • A report may be created using the ‘Generate Report’ action available in the Menu Bar. The report consists of an image of the hand as well as all the measurements taken on that image.
  • The M3M software can process the image and provide highly accurate measurements of the patient’s hand. This includes length and circumference of each of the five fingers; Width and circumference of the patient’s palm and the circumference of the patient’s wrist.

Sample Report of Measurements

Using the Manu3 data – Selection of Custom Gloves

Compression gloves

Medical grade compression garments have a variety of applications and are used for many different parts of the body. The hand, however, is the most difficult part of the body to measure. That is why the Manu3™ scanner is focused entirely on the hand: to bring unprecedented accuracy to the field of pressure therapy gloves.

Compression Gloves are used in the treatment of hand burns, for example, to minimize scarring, as well as in the treatment of hand lymphedema. In all applications, the accuracy of hand anthropometric data for the fabrication of pressure therapy gloves is critical to the healing process. Optimum accuracy requires at least 13 separate measurements, which constitutes the greatest challenge to the success of compression therapy.

Typically, these measurements are taken by hand, using a measuring tape. The manual process is not sufficiently accurate and is of low repeatability. Measuring an adult hand manually for custom compression gloves can take up to 5 minutes but it can take as long as half an hour to measure the hands of a pediatric patient. Additionally, the manual measuring process can be very distressing for young children.

Prosthetic gloves

The Manu3 device is a laboratory measuring device to capture the basic information required to determine a variety of anatomical dimensions (lengths and circumferences) other conditions such as skin texture(s), colours of the hand (palmar and dorsal), fingers and nails. The Manu3 hand scan machine may be used to determine the anatomical dimensions of the hand, to select/fabricate prosthetic gloves for amputees.

In the selection/fabrication of high definition silicone prosthetic gloves for the hand the first obstacle is the capture of the anatomical dimensions of the hand. Typically the clinicians may not take the time and/ or may not exercise the required care to take accurate anatomical measurements/dimensions of the hand. These measurements, taken by hand with a measuring tape, are not accurate and of low repeatability.

Modernizing the Hand Measurement Process – Features of Manu3

  • The Manu3 Hand Measuring System includes both the device and the M3C software.
  • 7” LCD touch screen is crisp and easy to read.
  • Customizable templates that adhere to the requirements of various compression gloves manufacturers.
  • Easy Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes operating the device highly intuitive.
  • 2 USB ports to easily transfer captured images without having to access the hospital network.
  • Easily cleaned with alcohol based infection control agents.

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