Gloves for Lymphedema Patients

Modernizing the Measurement Process –  Lymphedema Patients

Compression gloves are used in the treatment, management and prevention of hand lymphedema. Compression encourages lymph fluid to flow back toward the trunk of your body.

Hand lymphedema remains the most challenging of lymphedema conditions to treat due to the hand’s irregular shape and the difficulty associated in obtaining accurate measurements of the hand to produce a custom fitted compression glove.

With the Manu3™, measuring is hygienic because no contact is required. The whole process takes just a few seconds!

The Manu3™ Hand Measuring System captures an instant image of the patient’s hand and uses it to calculate measurements that formerly needed to be done manually. No more need for a tape measure or for hand tracing. The system completely simplifies the selection of Lymphedema Compression Gloves!

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Compression Gloves

Compression garments are used in many different therapies. Lymphedema compression gloves are uniquely challenging because of how difficult it is to measure the hand accurately. Compression Gloves are an essential component in the treatment and management of hand lymphedema, and they need to be custom fitted for each patient.

Custom fitting means that the anthropometric data must be as accurate as possible in order to fabricate lymphedema gloves. Usually, the manual method involves taking 13 separate measurements using a measuring tape. This process is not only time consuming, but its accuracy rate is low, as is its repeatability.

The Manu3 offers you a dramatically different technology that will:




Improve the quality of treatment for your Lymphedema patients!

With the Manu3 there is no need to touch the burn patient and the affected area. The patient simply lays their hand flat in our portable, touchless, optical scanner. The entire measurement process takes only 30 milliseconds to capture the anatomical data and the accuracy is measured against a known standard of 2mm. Take a look at our video.

Implementing the Manu3 in your practice eliminates the potential for measurement errors. The Manu3 offers customizable templates as per the requirements of different manufactures of lymphedema compression gloves for the hand which makes the fabrication and selection of compression therapy gloves effortless.