Gloves for Burn Patients

From Manual to Digital – Upgrading the Measurement Process

Compression therapy is an effective in dealing with and decreasing the impact of scarring after a burn.

Wearing compression gloves that perfectly fit the hand is critical in the early stages of the scar when the wound is immature, as the scars are highly responsive to pressure in their early stages of development.

However, as most clinicians are aware, obtaining highly accurate hand measurements proves to be a challenge when the wounds are open and fresh. Burn patients are less tolerant to the pain and discomfort associated to manually measuring and manipulating their hand. As well, the risk of infection is high, as is the possible contamination of the open wound.

The Manu3™ is contactless and hygienic. The entire measuring process is over in seconds!

The Manu3™ Hand Measuring System works by instantly capturing an image of the hand. Using this image, the system then generates accurate measurements that would previously have been taken manually. The system entirely eliminates the need for a traditional tape measure and hand tracing. It makes the selection of Burn Compression Gloves simple!

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Compression Gloves

Pressure garments are useful in the treatment of many different parts of the body. Still, burn gloves present a particular challenge because the hand is so difficult to measure. One of the standard rehabilitation therapies for hand burns, Compression Gloves are worn to minimize scarring and to reduce the negative implications that scarring can have on a patient’s hand.

For a successful healing process, it is critical for the anthropometric data used to fabricate compression gloves for burns to the hand to be precisely accurate. Ordinarily, 13 separate hand measurements are taken manually using a measuring tape. Not only is this method time consuming, but the rate of accuracy and the repeatability are both low.

The Manu3 offers you a dramatically different technology that will:




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Improve the quality of treatment for your burn patients!

With the Manu3 there is no need to touch the burn patient and the affected area. The patient simply lays their hand flat in our portable, touchless, optical scanner. The entire measurement process takes only 30 milliseconds to capture the anatomical data and the accuracy is measured against a known standard of 2mm. Take a look at our video.

Implementing the Manu3 in your practice eliminates the potential for measurement errors. The Manu3 offers customizable templates as per the requirements of different manufactures of burn compression gloves for the hand which makes the fabrication and selection of compression therapy gloves effortless.

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