Measuring the Hand

Anatomi Metrix is focused on the development of technologies, devices and protocols dedicated to the anatomical measurement and evaluation of conditions of the human hand.

Located in the Greater Montreal area, Anatomi Metrix is a Canadian company founded in 2015.

Every day the Anatomi Metrix team works to help clinicians increase efficiencies in their practices by improving both the quality of treatment for their patients, as well as treatment outcomes for patients requiring compression gloves or prosthetic gloves.



We will develop Anatomi Metrix Inc. to become a world leader in

  • devices
  • software applications
  • and protocols

to measure, evaluate and document the human hand in terms of:

  • anatomical dimensions
  • skin colours
  • skin textures
  • wounds
  • scars
  • the evolution of various conditions


Anatomi Metrix will bring real and measurable value to the communities, in which it evolves and serves, in the form of proven innovative products, research partnerships, scientific initiatives and financial contributions

The Manu3

The Manu3 Hand Measuring System is a highly accurate, desktop optical scanner solely dedicated to hand size measurement.

The Anatomi Metrix Technical and Manufacturing Team is composed of experienced engineers, mathematicians and software programmers. This team is complemented by Sales and Marketing and an Administrative Team.

The Manu3 is a trademark of Anatomi Metrix.

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A Leader with a proven track record of success

The Anatomi Metrix team is led by  founder and CEO, JP Gibeault, an electrical engineer, with a 40 year track record of proven entrepreneurial success in both technology and healthcare companies.

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